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We are located in south of Lithuania in national park of Dzukija old village Mardasavas. 800 metres from our place – confluence, where Ula river fall into river Merkys. Village is surrounded by Mardasavas wood.

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We offer : Kayak rent in Lithuania

New, meeting all safety standards, reliable, comfortable double-seat polyethylene kayaks, life-jackets and waterproof bags. We offer everything what you need for perfect relaxation in Lithuanian country side, you just need to bring with you good weather and good mood. We'll help you to relax and spend your leisure time perfectly!

We'll help you to choose kayaking route, also provide detailed kayaking route map with links where to stop, stay for a while or spend all night.

With our transport we'll bring you to begining of the route and when you finish your kayaking, we pick you up and bring you back. Your cars will safely stay at our place.

How to find us? : Kayak rent in Lithuania

It is very simple: Please find Varena town, and from Varena town drive to Marcinkonys, when you'll pass 11 kilometer of this road, on the rigth side you'll see road sign with direction Ziurai, Trakiskiai, please turn right this way, drive on asphalt road till Ziurai village, when you'll pass this village, gravel road will start, please go down the hill, pass the bridge through river Ula, drive this gravel road (about 5 kilometers) till you see the cross of Mardasavas village. Please turn right and follow Mardasavas village map.

You are already at the right place! Please park your car and forget all troubles, city noise and enjoy your stay!

Please order kayaking in advance, and we'll help you to find bathhouse and where to stay. Please contact us now and schedule your leisure time!