Kayak rent in Lithuania : Merkys river route

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One of the most important river in south of Lithuania. Source of the river Merkys is in Belarus, Merkys flows into the biggest Lithuanian river Nemunas near Merkine. The lenght of river Merkys is 203 kilometers.

It's perfect river for kayaking, even if you are a beginner! The water of river Merkys is clear and crystal, there are many wooded coastwises. River Merkys drift is not very fast, thus it is not difficult to kayak. Kayaking in river Merkys is much easier than Ula, so we suggest kayaking in this river for beginners and families. There are many camps near river Merkys, where you can stop and stay.

Routes : Kayak rent in Lithuania

You can kayak in river Mekys one, two, three or even four days!
For Kayaking in river Merkys we recommend to choose route of 30 – 40 kilometers per day.

Darguziai – Valkininkai ~ 9 km.
Valkininkai – Pamerkiai ~ 18 km.
Pamerkiai – Maskauka ~ 17 km.
Maskauka – Senoji Varena ~ 8 km.
Senoji Varena – Perloja ~ 12 km.
Perloja – Pauliai ~ 12 km.
Pauliai – Puvociai ~ 7 km.
Puvociai –Trasninkas ~ 4 km.
Trasninkas – Alytus – Druskininkai road bridge ~ 8 km.
Alytus – Druskininku road bridge – Merkine ~ 3 km.

There are many camps near river Merkys, where you can stop, prepare food or stay for whole night.